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Why We’re Clapham’s Most Approachable Property Agency

A wonderful place to live is about more than its investment potential and catchment areas. Sure that’s incredibly important - but it’s also about something that’s a little more intangible. It’s about its green spaces, its cafes and delis... and also the people that you’ll find there.

That’s certainly true for Clapham. It retains a village ambience whilst having the vibe and feeling of connection that comes from being part of one of the world’s greatest cities. (And yes, it’s also proved to be a pretty good investment and has some great schools).

When it comes to its property agencies there’s a parallel with the intangibles mentioned above. In our view it‘s not just about connecting people efficiently - its about the way that you go about it.

We ‘get’ Clapham and we like to think that we get people too. We certainly realise that moving probably isn’t top of your ‘would love to do list’. We recognise that it’s likely to be viewed as a necessary evil on the way to getting you to where you want to be. A bit like going to the dentist, only for longer!

So with that in mind here’s how we can help...

Because we’re small it means we’re a bit more agile. It also means that our clients are that bit more important to us. In our world you’re not simply a number to be crunched. Therefore we've had a good think and tried to re-imagine every major aspect of how larger agencies do things. We’ve set out to bring in a bit more compassion and ‘realness’ than you’ll normally find. That alone won’t sell your house or find you your dream home but it’ll help... and it’ll certainly make the process a bit more enjoyable.

In simple terms we do everything that a large agency does - just in a more approachable way. And because of knowing the location that little bit better we’re better placed to help and to quickly make those vital connections between people and properties - to achieve ‘the sale that should never have been’, or the ‘dream home find’ that you could never have imagined.

Indeed in that respect it's not just about knowing a certain avenue, it's about knowing the nuances of what's happening on a particular section of a certain avenue. It’s about knowing where that new nursery or bakery is planning to open, or where the catchment starts, and ends, for that particular school. That can make all the difference. And that comes from really being part of the local scene.

That friendly local insight is here waiting for you. So pop in for a coffee and a chat.

Sales Manager
Tom Butler
Tom has been selling properties for over 20 years, many of which have been around his favourite area, SW4. Although he bought his house outside of London in West Byfleet when he got married (dreaming of a larger garden and more space) he spent many of his earlier single years living around Clapham and Battersea and still hopes to move back when he finally retires.
Lettings Manager
Bryony Walters
Bryony has been in lettings for the last 11 years, having previously worked as a storyboard artist, strip cartoonist and a bouncer! She grew up in Chelsea, attended the French Lycee in South Kensington and now lives in Battersea with her young son. She recently bought a tiny flat in Bournemouth to where she likes to escape whenever the opportunity arises!
Office Manager
Tamsin Russell
Tamsin grew up in Brunei as her father had been posted there with the Army. She then moved to the UK and lived in Kent until 2013 when she moved to London. She has a background in performing arts and has previously worked in sales, property investment and also spent two years as a prison officer! As well as enjoying London's culture and nightlife, Tamsin loves to travel, experiencing what the world has to offer but equally enjoys a quiet weekend visiting friends and family in Kent.
Office Mascot
Billy has worked for Sheraton Law since he was a puppy. He has featured in many of their advertising campaigns and has attended most of their sponsorship events. His interests include long country walks and anything edible. He also has a fascination for ladies' shoes.
Bobby Connolly
Bobby has worked in property for over 6 years, gaining experience across various aspects of Real Estate including; residential lettings and sales, land and new homes, property investment and currently studying towards RICS at Associate level. In his spare time, Bobby enjoys escaping to a new location, socialising with friends, playing football or trying to ski. (Bobby can cook 30-minute brownies in 20 minutes.)
Michael Taylor
Michael aka Mike originally from Birmingham, but now calls London his home, has always been passionate about travel and business. During his university studies he undertook a year’s internship in South Carolina and upon returning back to the UK he successfully finished his last year at university, completing a Business Management Bachelor’s Degree. Mike then when on to use his degree to move back out to the United States for a further 2 years where he was based in Atlanta, Alabama and Florida. Travelling the world at any opportunity Mike loves vibrant colourful cites, picturesque warm beaches, Carnival dance and music and all things spiced rum.