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Did you know that the notice period on ending a tenancy has changed?

Did you know that the notice period on ending a tenancy has changed? Agents and landlords are now required to give tenants six months’ notice before they can evict.

Eviction sounds like a scary term, but legally as a Landlord you must always serve the correct notice to gain possession of your property. The new regulations which were brought in at the beginning of September and are set at this level till the end of March 2021 require all landlords and agents to give six months notice.

There are exceptions in the most serious of cases, these include instance of anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse and over six months rent arrears.

This now means that any landlord that requires their property back and can give notice, say they have a break clause, or the tenancy is coming to an end, must now provide the six-month notice. This is certainly a factor if thinking you may want to move back into your home or if you do need to sell the property.

So, from now until March next year landlords and agents must provide at least six months’ notice period prior to seeking possession through the courts in most cases, including section 21 evictions and rent arrears under six months.

Exceptions apply for the worst cases to seek possession; these are:

  • anti-social behaviour (now 4 weeks’ notice);
  • domestic abuse (now 2 to 4 weeks’ notice;
  • false statement (now 2 to 4 weeks’ notice);
  • over six months’ accumulated rent arrears (now 4 weeks’ notice);
  • breach of immigration rules ‘Right to Rent’ (now three months’ notice).

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