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Fancy your own private island?

If you've got a few coins left in that money jar after the Easter weekend, then we've found the perfect impulse buy....


Yep, a private island in the middle of the Bahamas has just come on the market for £65million. The current proprietor, who's owned it for 15 years, has transformed the island into a beautiful paradise.

The main property has nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a British Colonial feel with stunning views over your private beach. There are also plenty of small cottages around the island to keep that family 'close but not too close' while on holiday.

The property consultants dealing with the island have already answered everyone's main concern and confirmed there is the ability to moor a superyacht in several locations around the island and you can also dock your smaller day to day yacht at the end of the island.

As the agent selling this once in a lifetime opportunity is based in Baker Street, London - we have already volunteered to carry out viewings for them on a weekly basis. We are still awaiting their response...