7 Ways to improve your chances of selling your home in 2019

7 Ways to improve your chances of selling your home in 2019

Tom Butler - Sales Manager

1. In what is currently a trickier buyer's market it is vital you do your research on the local market, make sure you have an idea of what properties are selling for locally and how long they are taking on average to sell. Then call in the local expert to offer you a free, no obligation valuation which will hopefully compare with your research. I have twenty years' experience selling in all types of market's and can advise on all different scenarios. Be careful not to be tempted with the cheapest fee and highest price, you want to consider experience in the area as well as similar comparable properties; however most importantly who you trusted when you met to sell your biggest asset!

2. Your home needs to stand out in comparison to other similar homes that are on the market. Not necessarily in internal condition, in fact many buyers now relish a property that offers them the opportunity to re-furbish or extend to create their perfect home. However first impressions are vital, from a well presented exterior to a clean communal hallway, these points can often be rectified quickly and can be a huge factor on buyer's lasting impressions when viewing.

3. De-clutter and de-personalise your property, you want to present the unique selling points of your property, but remember they are not buying contents of the home. Try and look at it from an outside perspective.

4. Once you have chosen your agent and you have put your trust in them, take a step back from the marketing and leave them to secure you a buyer. They have been doing this job for many years and know what buyers are looking for. Leave them to carry out viewings so buyers can be open and honest with them. Then hopefully wait for the call with the positive feedback!

5. In a buyer's market be realistic, while everyone wants to achieve the best possible price listen to feedback from previous viewings. Try not to take buyers feedback personally, especially if it has been your family house for many years. If the agent is suggesting an offer is worth considering after several viewings and comparable sales suggest the same; if it is viable for you to consider it, then take time to discuss it with family. You will probably find you can negotiate an offer on your onward purchase

6. One aspect many seller's do not think to organise when moving is the paperwork the solicitor will require, this often can delay the conveyancing once an offer is accepted. When you put the property on the market instruct your solicitor in advance, then make sure you have the title deeds for the property, the mortgage company will no longer hold this. Make sure you have all relevant certificates for any works carried out and forward these to your solicitor at the start. If you are selling a flat you will most likely need to pay via your solicitor for a management pack, these can sometime take up to a month to be sent out, so order these at the start of the process. The time from offer to exchange can take many weeks, much of this can be sped up if you are organised in advance.

7. If you have instructed a reputable, pro-active estate agent, they should manage the process for you from point of offer to completion, liaising with both solicitor's; yourself and the buyer and any mortgage brokers. As well as this if there any other estate agents involved, liaising with them to keep communications clear from the start. I would estimate that 75% of sales that fall through are not because of a bad survey or a last-minute price re-negotiation, but due to bad communication or hiding the truth, this is where an estate agent really should be earning his commission and keeping it as stress free as possible for his client!

I hope these suggestions help you when choosing the right estate agent to sell your home and when the time comes please contact me so that I can discuss in more detail why Sheraton Law is the right agent for you.

Tom Butler
Sales Manager
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