Spring checklist

Spring checklist

Tom Butler - Sales Manager

After another Winter has come to an end it is always important to look over your property to check for any obvious damage that needs to be repaired and to check that it is also running as efficiently as possible.

I would suggest the below is a good checklist to go through every Spring:

1. Roof - Inspect and replace any cracked tiles, if chimney pots are in place but not in use consider protecting them by covering them.

2. Loft - Check you have good roof insulation, however, avoid over insulating. It is important pipes do not freeze so do not insulate below the tank.

3. Gutters and Drains - Make sure they are clear of leaves and debris, overflowing gutters can cause a lot of damage to your walls

4. Walls - Heat loss through the walls is very high, make sure they are properly insulated to help reduce the energy bills. Make sure the pointing is good, winter can do a lot of damage to external walls.

5. Decking - Check that the air bricks and gully's are not blocked to avoid damp in the walls. It is advisable to jet wash and clean the decking in the Spring to keep it well maintained, they can quickly rot and become a hazard.

6. Windows - For both efficiency and to minimize draughts if you can afford to install double glazing it is certainly worth it. There a possible cheaper options such as secondary glazing or as a short-term alternative put polyethene across the window frame

7. Doors - Avoiding further draughts through the letterbox by fitting a cover and put a sealant around the door frame.

8. Floors - Make sure there are no gaps between exposed floorboards, both to avoid damage and draughts. If you have stripped wooden floors, consider putting a rug in the centre of the room to avoid further draughts.

9. Boiler - One of the most important appliances in your property. Make sure it is serviced annually to avoid any nasty surprises. Consider something like British Gas Homecare insurance to protect you should something need replacing.

If you keep on top of your property, when you decide the time comes to sell you will be ready to proceed and won't have to worry about any survey shocks!